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At Quality Health, we diligently believe our inspiring products will help you and your family healthy and robust.

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Enhancing Your Well-being & Vitality

Briefly About Us

Quality Health believes there is nothing more important than looking after your health. As such, we are committed to helping our customers and their families improve their quality of life and support a variety of health requirements and concerns by offering a range of natural health supplements.

The satisfaction from improving the health and wellbeing of our customers and the community as a whole is immeasurable and we take pride in knowing we are helping people to lead a happier and healthier life.

In the age of health consciousness, we are committed to only make products that we at Quality Health are happy to consume ourselves. To this end, we source only the highest quality scientifically researched natural ingredients which our team of experts and highly experienced healthcare professionals combine to develop tailored formulations that contain optimum and effective levels of vitamins, minerals and active ingredients with guaranteed purity & potency, all manufactured right here in New Zealand.

We believe that goodness in equals goodness out. In pursuit of this, we make sure that all ingredients used in our products are 100% natural, Halal, and free of dairy, gluten, sugar, egg, soy, nuts, yeast, corn, artificial colours, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. We do not use pork, animal derived non-halal sources, or alcohol-based ingredients in any of our products.

As a proudly New Zealand owned and operated company, we take inspiration from the pure and natural environment and provide confidence and a promise to produce honest, ethical, and scientifically formulated products that benefits each and every one of our customers in order to achieve our vision of the world as a happier and healthier place.

Happy Customers

Customer Testimonials

I highly recommend this product; it has given me that extra push with my running and swimming. My general muscle tightness has reduced, and totally stopped my muscle cramps that I used to get occasionally.


There was a noticeable change in the way I workout at the gym, I don’t run out of fuel as fast as I used to. Also, I sleep better than before.


For many years my arthritis has gradually slowed me down. after 3 good months of being on the joint health formula I can easily say that my pain and swelling in my joints has reduce by more than 70%, also my mobility has improved significantly.


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